Shag Planet suggests that they have come from outer space to deliver their cosmic sound to the people of earth. Their vibe is weird and unique, offering listeners an interesting and raw perspective into personal experiences.

‘Too Many Babes, Too Little Time’ offers an unapologetic insight into the life of a young woman who experiences a sexual awakening. Melodic harmonies permeate the song to convey a sense of congenial messiness that reflect the nature of the described experience. The dulcet vocals and harmonies in the song are matched with vivacious synths that reflect the narrative. The steady electronic beat created through the use of synths generates a fervent energy whilst simultaneously evoking the sense of fear that is suggested in the lyrics.

The protagonist of the song’s narrative is introduced as a “young girl living a monogamous life” who was one day “struck down by sexual desire”. The story evolves as this experience becomes so overwhelming for her that her “head explodes”. The refrain “too many babes, too little time” reflects the ultimate idea of the story, that the amount of attractive people around her is too much. The emotions of the narrative are reflected in the music’s sound as harmonious vocals are combined with an energetic beat that evokes a sense of fear and excitement.

The otherworldly atmosphere of ‘Too Many Babes, Too Little Time’ is evident as Em Gayfer and Jess Tyler embrace the eccentricity of their music. This leads to an energetic and enjoyable sound that revolves around pleasurable harmonies and energetic synths. By evoking the emotions present in the experience that is told of in song, ‘Too Many Babes Too Little Time’ could is an encapsulating feat––.

‘Too Many Babes, Too Little Time’ is the first track released of Shag Planet’s EP that will come out later this year via LISTEN Records.