A flutter of an idea can send creativity into flight. Whether it be to paint or to potter, the multihued dynamics of art are outstretched. Artistry weaves its way through Melbourne. There are sculptors working up above shopfronts. Jewelers are delicately fiddling with materials inside of secluded studios. Clothes are being sewn at kitchen tables and textiles are assembled upon lounge room floors. The parks, coffee shops and laneways are dotted with illustrators and photographers, observing the world in their own unique way.

The right side of the brain that houses creative circuits is highly active in Melbourne’s thriving artist community. As such, the fibers of Melbourne are threaded with many diverse strands of artistic design and flair. Local creators are capturing evocative particles of place, purpose, space and imagination in their art pieces.

A new treasure trove of art is to be found in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. A Sunday market has begun in the shopfront of Seventh Gallery. Within the gallery is a wonder of artworks. Exquisite designers and art makers offer a range of diverse craftsmanship.

There is still a fragility tied to the arts. To be an artist is to be vulnerable in an ever changing landscape. An occupation that is often time-consuming and fraught with buyer uncertainties can lead artistic endeavours to a futile end. That is why art galleries and exhibitions are highly valued; as a place to share and showcase the often solitary work of art makers. Beyond that, and at a more grassroots level, artists markets are a great source of fulfilment for communities and artists alike.

The love for handmade market events is growing. People are doting on the originality. Swimming in a commercial sphere of sameness, people are enjoying owning something that someone has made, often with their bare hands, rich with character and story; love and toil.

As an added bonus, this market comes with an onsite barista, serving coffee all day long. For a city that is in love with caffeinated beverages and art, this is a good amalgamation.

The next Seventh Gallery Sunday Market will be held on November the 22nd. Take this opportunity to browse a diverse collection of artistic goods. Some things you may admire from afar and some you make take home to keep, forever on.


Sunday 22nd November
11am – 5 pm

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th December
11am – 5 pm

For any further details please visit Seventh Gallery on Facebook or Instagram