Seven Davis Jr‘s repertoire spans beyond that of a typical electronic producer. With his training in gospel vocals and growing up on a diet of Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin, Seven Davis Jr ventured into the world of jazz and classical music before discovering underground acts like Jimi Hendrix, Portishead, Tricky and Bjork. These influences are evident in his output today; with tracks such as his Prince cover of ‘Controversy’ and ‘One,’ manifesting his take on house and funk with stuttering drums and disco euphonies.

The Houston-born artist recently released his long-awaited debut LP on Universesafter two years of teasers in the form of EPs – including his debut release One, which already had ears pricked among electronic music enthusiasts.

Now setting his sights on Let Them Eat Cake at the opulent gardens of Werribee Mansion, Seven Davis Jr shares the three tracks that influenced his fascination with music while growing up.

Michael Jackson – You Can’t Win 

Favourite record of MJ’s was Off The Wall. The songwriting, harmonies, production and energy super influenced my own. This song has the same feel of the Off The Wall album and, I think, was recorded around the same time. I was a baby, so the lyrics really didn’t relate to me at first, but I totally get them now. 

Markus Nikolai – Bushes ( Fatboy Slim Cook Remix) 

Some of first favourite house songs were tracks like “Spin Spin Sugar,” “Don’t Call Me Baby,” and “Horny” by Mousse T was an anthem for a bit lol. However the first house song that I became obsessed with, was “Bushes.” I used to hear it in underground San Francisco parties but was unable to get the track title then until recently. The song combines the elements of jazz, samba, vocals, house, so nicely. Something always important to me in my own works.  

Green Velvet – La La Land 

Before I found house music, or house music found me, I must confess I was a bit of a candy raver. The first electronic music I heard was going to a rave in Oakland, California. All trance music and techno, then one event they booked a house DJ, during the transition from trance to house, he played this song and the room went crazy. Totally influenced me to make music that creates an atmosphere or takes you to another place.

Seven Davis Jr will be performing at Let Them Eat Cake on New Years Day and Sydney at The Chippendale Hotel. Listen to his official mix for Let Them Eat Cake for a snippet of what you can expect.

Seven Davis Jr tour:

Friday, 1st January
Let Them Eat Cake
Werribee Mansion, Melbourne

Sunday, 3rd January
The Chippendale Hotel Sydney