Serena Ryder has had a long running affinity with music. Growing up she was surrounded by musicians and entertainers. Her Mother was a Gogo dancer and a backup singer, and her biological Father performed in a Calypso band in Trinidad. For Ryder, she absorbed all the sounds and melodies in her surrounds and was singing before she could speak. Nothing much has changed, she is still singing and uses it as a vital form of communication and as a way to interconnect with the world at large. Music is something that Ryder loves unreservedly and with a brand new album out she is enjoying sharing her songs and stories with people from all walks of life. The Canadian singer-songwriter is very much in her element, with all things coming into good balance for her. She has happened upon a Harmony in her life and in her music, and that seems a fitting title for the record. Ahead of her Australian ‘Stompa’ Tour, which commences tomorrow, Ryder has given us an insight into her history and what lies ahead for the musician:

How it all began:

I wrote my first song when I was 13. I had just gotten my first guitar and was obsessed with it. I felt that I had finally found what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. The shear joy of being able to translate my emotions into music propelled me forward.

My new album:

My music making process changes all the time but I mainly focus on melody first and then the lyrics happen afterwards.

I was very much in love while I was writing Harmony. That excitement inspired me to no end.

Most of my songs for the album were driven by the natural elements of the world earth, air, fire ,water. I was obsessed with the parallel between the earth’s elements and our emotional elements; how joy wouldn’t exist without sadness, how fire would not exist without air, their combinations and how together they create Harmony.

Now that the album is finished:

I am totally satisfied with all that I have created. I have nothing but excitement to share it with the world. I was and am always excited to share my new songs.

Outside of the music domain, nothing much really interests me too much….I kind of live and breath music. It is my everything.

What continues to inspire me:

My biggest influences growing up were: Roger Miller, Tracy Chapman, Ben Harper, Ella Fitzgerald. My biggest supporters are my family and my Manager Sandy Pandya.

Matt Andersen joins the ‘Stompa’ Tour:

My promoter, Geoff Trio suggested it would be a good fit. I have played a few festivals with Matt in Canada and I was totally honored to be able to tour with him. He is amaaaaazing!

The Australian tour:

First and foremost I cannot wait to share my music with Australia. Harmony was just released here so I can’t wait to feel the newness of the record again.

I am super stoked to get to see Matt play every night!

Future endeavours:

Writing writing writing and finishing up my new record! I cannot wait to see what it will sound like!!

With Special Guest Matt Andersen

Tuesday March 31
Lizotte’s, Central Coast
Tickets here

Wednesday April 1
The Heritage Hotel – Bulli
Tickets here

Sunday April & Monday April 6
Blues Fest – Byron Bay (NSW)
Tickets here

Wednesday April 8
Lizotte’s – Newcastle
Tickets here

Thursday April 9
The Brass Monkey – Cronulla
Tickets here

Friday April 10
The Basement – Sydney
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Saturday April 11
The Corner – Richmond
Tickets here

Sunday April 12
The Governor Hindmarsh – Adelaide
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