Unconventional is an idea Saskwatch don’t shy away from. Soon to hop off their massive 30-date national tour, the Melbourne soul outfit have been working hard in the background. Folding in their recent third studio release, Sorry I Let It Come Between Us saw the Melbourne soul outfit reach new bounds; the six-piece receiving overwhelming affection and heartache bound into one tight LP. Discussing their recent work, Nkechi Anele chats about their studio process and the feeling of playing sold out shows, regardless of hometowns.

What’s the best part about getting into the studio?
When we get in the studio it’s a great time to focus and for things to be a little less chaotic, compared to when we’re on the road. We get to be a lot more creative as we work out what sounds and what songs are going to be and make the next album, and really the next step for the band.

What’s the songwriting process like for you guys?
Our songwriting process has not really changed from day one. Liam is the songwriter of the Saskwatch. He brings the music to us for us to play with and turn it into a Saskwatch sounding tune. Sometimes the songs are really developed into something completely different to their original versions and some songs stay pretty raw.

You guys seem to have moved away from the ‘classic soul’ sound on your first album. What inspired that, and what artists are inspiring you at the moment?
Yeah, that’s true in some senses. We’re always listening to new and old stuff and as you said it comes through in our music. I think the reason why we moved away from soul so quickly was because we wanted to make music that you could straight away identify with Saskwatch. We also wanted freedom to express different styles of music with different sounds and direction. We listen to a lot of things: The Arctic Monkeys, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Drones, Beady Eye, The Dap Kings, Metronomy, The Avalanches, The Beatles… there’s heaps more but that’s just off the top of my head.

Who helped produce ‘Sorry I Let It Come Between Us’? Where did you guys record it?
We recorded ‘Sorry I Let It Come Between Us’ in Philadelphia at the Dr Dog studio called Mt Slippery, with the frontman of Dr Dog’s Scott McMicken and his engineer, Nathan Sabatinbo.

What inspired the album name? The track names seem to imply a theme.
The name comes from a track in the album. I guess compared to our other albums this one has a sombre feel to it and it’s also reflective in some ways.

How has the tour been so far? This is the longest tour you guys have done, right?
The tour has been really fun and really challenging at the same time. We’ve never done this many dates before, so it has been an interesting experience travelling to new places and playing to newer crowds. Overall, it’s been really fun. We have had some really hilarious moments on stage in the smaller towns we’ve played and we have been overwhelmed with the support we had over the course of the whole tour.

You’ve sold out the Corner, that must be exciting!
That was so great. It’s so lovely to have a sold out hometown show. We had a great time at The Corner it was one of our best shows of the tour.

What’s next? Should we be expecting some new grooves later in 2016?

We’ve been working on some new songs while we’ve been on the road for this tour. So, we’ll be heading into the studio and working on the next album. We’re really stoked on what we’ve got so far and we’re excited to see where this leads for the rest of the year.