Sydney-based singer songwriter Sarah Belkner has released a new video to accompany her latest single, entitled ‘Susanne’.

Utilising her innate abilities as a storyteller, Belkner’s new video sees her dancing in duet with the longest living dancer and choreographer in Australia, 100 year-old Eileen Kramer. Sarah chronicles her decision to use Kramer in the video, explaining that when she ‘saw a video of Eileen dancing, I was in absolute awe and so very moved by her craft, gracefulness, positive spirit and lifetime commitment to creating beautiful work that fills peoples hearts’.

Directed by Sydney-based video artist Rachel Brown, the collaboration between the two artists spawned a mutual passion for dance and movement-based performance pieces. ‘Susanne’ explores the unlikely pleasure of finding comfort in strangers when the feeling of being shut-off, confused and alone takes over. Sometimes all it takes is a simple conversation with a stranger:

‘In different circumstances but with the same outcome of hopefulness, meeting and working with Eileen Kramer has been one of the most profound meetings of my life’.

The lilting, gentle piano ballad of ‘Susanne’ is delicately enhanced by the black and white portrayal cut by the graceful, lithe figure of Eileen Kramer. ‘I’m just making things up, like I did as a child,’ says Kramer, ‘but with a little bit more knowledge to do it.’