Perth-based Producer Sable has released a brand-new, saccharine single, ‘One and Only,’ that will warm up your winter day. The breakout producer, who teased fans through an ‘Adventures of Sable’ comic strip last week, premiered the single on triple j’s good nights and online by The Fader.

Sable broke through with his unique, euphoric sound after releasing ‘Feels So Good’ in the summer of 2014, and touring nationally for the remainder of the year. Since then, he has delighted fans with a sold out 7″ vinyl release (on Surf/Thunderwave), collaborated with Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke, and engaged in studio sessions with current pop-enigmas Skrillex, and Justin Bieber.

The single is a future club anthem that will pull at your heart strings. For the first time, Sable provides the vocals himself, in an intriguing androgynous, and heavily processed fashion. Despite  assuming the song was simplistic in nature, closer inspection would prove the production itself is intricate ear-candy. The lyrical content also delves deeper, detailing the feelings of attachment one can develop from online relationships. To Sable himself, the single is a “love song with a hidden meaning.” Overall the track is a well crafted pop-tune presented with a club aesthetic based off Jersey bounce and current Australian EDM flavours.

‘One and Only’ is the guilt-free equivalent to eating a bowl of sugar. If you need feel-good music at it’s most infectious, check this track out!