Australia’s up & coming one man band, Running Touch, is joining the amazing Beyond The Valley lineup, coming this new years. Running Touch rocks back and forth between the realms of electronic dance bangers and soothing ambient vibes, using hooks that stay glued in your mind for hours on end.

What made you decide to hide your identity
There is no real one reason, there’s a lot of logic as to why. But collectively now i’d say i keep it anonymous to keep the limelight on the art i put out, rather than who I am. I’m a pretty private person too, so it works.
Starting the Running Touch project, and with a rapidly growing profile this year, how are you handling the pressures of being a rising solo artist?
It’s not so much pressure as it is motivation to me. When people say certain promising things, or you hear you’ve got an opportunity from MGMT, you learn to just harness it, remain composed and then exert it through your medium.
How do you go about performing live with heavy electronic production in a lot of your tracks?
It’s definitely an ongoing journey. It takes a lot of man hours to understand how to convey what you want to in a live setting. I go about it all by continuing to incorporating as many instruments and facets as i can and of course… making it all fluent.
What are your three biggest influences either music or non-music related?
Books, poetry and Spotify hunting probably. I’m rigorous with finding inspiration. I look into an unhealthy amount of all of those. 
What made you get into playing/writing music and music production?
It’s just something that’s always fascinated me, art as a whole even. My upbringing has always been overflowing with creative opportunities. 
Favourite artist/song right now?
Mmm. J.Cole, Jamie XX or Moby. I’ve recently revisited “In the Morning” by J.Cole and I fell right back in love with it. 
Favourite genre of music outside of electronic?
It’s between Metal and Hip-hop for sure. I think there’s a lot of untapped influence in the hip-hop culture, potential and instrumentals. But I love the angst and release of metal. 
What’s it been like touring with the Aussie legends, Aston Shuffle? Any standout moments thus far?
Probably watching them perform with Deutsch duke. A renowned duo and a timeless voice. 

What do you do when you need a break from music (Other hobbies)? 
I read, write, drink too much coffee, exercise and then go right back to making music. 
What is your number one guilty pleasure song?
That’s a nightmare of a question. I’d say Jimmy Eatworld – The Middle. 
Heading into festival season in Australia; is there any other artists you are excited to see play live?
Jamie XX and Pusha T are two internationals i am on my toes for. There are a HEAP of acts that intrigue me. Feki, Flight Facilities and Ta-ku just to name a few.
What’s planned for Running Touch in 2016?
I hope to make some art I’m truly proud of and make this thing manifest into something beautiful.
Beyond the Valley
Gippsland Parklands, Victoria
29th December – 1st of January
Tickets available through