The Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever soft punk/tough pop quintet spoke to us about their recent track ‘Wide Eyes’ and their innovative ‘dog cam’ approach; they also chatted new music, who they think is killing it in the Melbourne music scene, and the Russo family (now famous) dog Chewy.

You’re a relatively new band. How did you come to work together? Have you all always been into making music?

We’ve all known each other for a long time and have played in a few other bands, together and separately for a while. As friends, we’ve always been into making pop tunes. We’d show one another half finished songs and someone else would try to finish it. So, a few years ago when we started this band proper, it seemed like we were all more or less on the same page.

You’ve already signed to Ivy League Records. What’s it like to have your music picked up quite quickly and by such an iconic label?

It’s been great! It was a real surprise. It honestly never seemed in the realm of possibility for us. When Chris at Ivy League had a chat to us, I think he could see we didn’t have any real idea what we were doing, in terms of an overall ‘plan’ of what to ‘do’. But he offered to help us put an album out, through Ivy League. It’s always been a dream to make an album we can be proud of for years to come. And to do it on such a great label. We’re super excited.

Are all members of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever from Melbourne, who would be your biggest influences in the Melbourne scene currently?

All except for Marcel, who grew up in country NSW. There are just so many incredible bands in Melbs at the moment, and over the last few years, it feels like we’re living in a golden era. At the moment, I know we’re all really loving Crepes, who just write the coolest songs.

What’s on your recently played list on your phones or CD/tape in your car?

I can’t stop listening to the album from Salad Boys which came out just recently. “I won’t let you fuck it up, I won’t let you fuck it up …”. I’m not sure if they’ve come to Australia before. I hope they do soon.

I really enjoyed your “dog cam” in your clip for “Wide Eyes” whose idea was it and whose puppy?

That was Joe Russo’s idea, it’s the Russo family dog. His name is Chewy, he’s one of those hilarious dogs that try to do good, but just can’t seem to suppress their primal instincts. Apparently he was caught on the kitchen table recently, halfway through a french loaf. He ran outside and for ten minutes lay there with his paws over his face, burying his shame.

Did you have any other EP titles in the pipeline, or was it always going to be titled Talk Tight and where did the name come from?

One title we had was, Sleeper Hits of the Distant Future, just for a gag. But then someone had the ideaTalk Tight, which is a ref to the awesome King Parrot clip. It just seemed to fit.

Your new EP Talk Tight was released on 23 October if you could describe it in three words, what would they be?

Pretty but smelly.

You’ve built up a solid fan base in the Melbourne scene, with sell out headline shows as well as supporting The Preatures, and you’re supporting Bully on their Melbourne show, what’s next for Rolling Blackouts?

We’ve got our big end of the year do at the Gaso on Friday 20 November, with Crepes, Loobs, I Heard a Whisper DJs and DJ Emoceans. We’re also stepping in to record some new stuff in early December. Gonna be siick!