You may or may not have heard these guy’s name around town (first thing’s first, it’s pronounced “Arcadia”) – they’re the new guys on the block, forming early this year rocking out with electronic underground beats.

However, because they’re all shiny and new, we needed a way to figure out a way to check how cool these guys really are – so we tested out RKDA’s emoji game by giving them a series of questions that they could only answer in – you guessed it – emojis. (but just incase you can’t read Emoji, we included their answers in plain English).

Here’s how it went:

1. Why are you called RKDA?
RKDA Answer 1
“We wanted a strong yet feminine name. The word Arcadia also means “imaginary place of bliss” that’s what music creates for us.”

2. How would you describe your music?
RKDA Answer 2
“Dark electronic dance”

3. Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
RKDA Answer 3
“Overseas and still making tunes”

4. What inspired you to start RKDA?
RKDA Answer 4
“Other artists/musicians, friendships and relationships… Life”

5. Tell us a bit about the creative process in the band:
RKDA Answer 5
“We’re still really new at it and still learning. We’re constantly writing individually and then bring it to the table and expand on an idea together”

6. Favourite emoji?
RKDA Answer 6
“When you highlight it and get your phone to talk it says ‘smiling pile of poop’ it makes me lol”

7. What can we expect from RKDA in the future?
RKDA Answer 7
“Lots more music. We’re working on an EP and hopefully some interstate shows”

8. Apart from Citizens Of The Streets, where else can we see you play this year?
RKDA Answer 8
“There’s no bean emoji… But at Shebeen with Yeo and Youngs on Sat 17 Oct”

Speaker TV Present: Citizens of the Streets
Thursday 15th October
Shadow Electric Bandroom
Performing: Alice Ivy, Leisure Suite, RKDA
Exhibiting: Briana Davis, Khara Deurhof and Gustavo Pallacios
Doors 7PM / Pre-sale: $10
Tickets on sale now