Melbourne’s dreamy indie pop sensations Redspencer have released a second single in anticipation of their forthcoming EP which is due to be released June 1st.

Entitled ‘Ride It Out’, the new single follows vaguely in the footprints of their previous release, ‘Happy Slow Riverbends’ by replicating the sparkly, explicitly clean guitars, and a dreamy, surfy pop vibe. However, at the same time ‘Ride It Out’ represents a departure, with a stronger essence of Americana country and less evocation of sunny Gold Coast afternoons on the porch.

The dreaminess of the swirling melodies, folk-driven guitar lines and far away, muted drum lines are integrated seamlessly into the nonchalant lyrical style of lead singer Dave McMillan’s vocals. Redspencer are set to take their unique brand of indie pop to the stage in early June for the launch of their debut EP, out June 1st on Deaf Ambitions.