Featuring Violinist Tamil Rogeon and Singer/Rapper Ryan Ritchie from the band True Live, The Raah Project will play Estonian House on Thursday, March 17 as part of Brunswick Music Festival, after a sold out launches of their latest album, Take Me Elsewhere, at The Arts Centre, Northcote Social Club and Bennetts Lane.

Since their first collaboration in 2003, The Raah Project has managed to blend diverse modern music genres with the old, fusing Hip Hop, Soul, Classical, Jazz, Funk, Pop, Dubstep and Dance, a combination that has helped The Raah Project with their widespread acclaim.

As their sound is so unique we asked Tamil and Ryan which 6 artists influenced The Raah Project’s Sound…

Tamil Rogeon
Goodbye Swingtime –  Matthew Herbert
 This record and allot of Herbert’s stuff was a bit of a production blueprint for us. His use of found sound, the big band, jazz and sampling was and still is very unique.

The Bug –  Skeng
Love Killa P’s flow, the large beats and darkness. This use of bass frequencies / the drums on this track was a big influence.

Bjork – Vespertine
Amazing pop hooks, orchestra and electronics. Deeply artful, still one of my desert island records. It is also incredibly beautiful without being cheesy.

Ryan  Ritchie
Rabbit In Your Headlights – UNKLE
 UNKLE This because it’s in 9/8, and is just mind glowingly brilliant with so little going on.

Drinking Again – Frank Sinatra
This because listen to the way he sells the concept of the song in each word leaves you hoping for his soul.

Only You – Portishead Live in NYC
When I saw this entire film I knew this is what I wanted to do. Real music. with a hip hop leaning.  Also, I think Beth is one of the most underrated Lyricists of her generation.

The Raah Project Live
with support from Tanzer
Estonian House, Brunswick
Thursday, March 17
Tickets on sale now