Melbourne fuzzed out psych rockers Pretty City are swapping their guitars for decks this Thursday 20th August to DJ for Citizens of the Streets at Shadow Electric Bandroom.

So what should you expect to hear? Lots of fuzzed out pop to begin with!  The Vines and Wavves, dabs of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Cure. Naughties dance floor fillers like Franz Ferdinand and the Kaiser Chiefs with new wavers Kasabian and The Killers. When the night gets a little more loose some Andrew W K doesn’t get forgotten nor does The Darkness. If Drew has left the room Hugh will throw down some Stones and when Johnny is left alone long enough you can expect to hear Doobie Brothers and Toto.

So, to get you in the mood, we asked Pretty City to put together a selection of their favourite Australian tracks of 2015 so far and one of their tracks at the end…


Flyying Colours’ new track Running Late, is hitting all the right buttons. Shoegazey without being too noise driven. Pop without being irritating. It’s a bit the Cure and a bit M83. I can see people dancing to this one too. A sneaky dancefloor hit! The video is also an amazing. Looks like it’s pulled straight out of the early 90s. Great art style reminiscent of Jean-Michael Basquiat. Worth watching.


“So new video literally just got released today and I couldn’t be happier. If you’ve ever been to Heathrow or LAX you’ll know the discomfort this poor guy is feeling, no matter how relaxed you are on planes. The video equally matches the trippy uncomfortable feeling the song gives. But seriously, the part I’m most amazed by is that baguette that guy gets as inflight dinner. What airline offers that fresh, delicious sandwich? Let alone one that big! Who did the CGI on that!? That was unbelievable!”


Pearls snuck this mega track beginning of the year like it was no big thing, it has then gone on to be a bona fide Aussie classic. Sexy and sultry and groovy while being tough and damn catchy. Who writes stuff like this!? The band live and breath op shops too which is fine by us, being frequent visitors of Savers ourselves. The video is a colourfully illustrated trip that’ll have you wish it was socially acceptable to read children’s stories again. But only ones as trippy as this.


While we’re getting all trippy, if you’re after trippy glitch hop and party pop look no further than the supergroup, Dorsal Fins! Certainly a party starter. Has touches of The Go! Team with Primal Scream if that’s possible. The video is a techy video mash taking shitty CGI to the extreme in a really engaging and fun way.


Nothing like blistering rock that gives zero fucks. Tired Lion has this down pat. It’s hard enough to rock out with enough force to blow a brick wall down, but another to do it while making people sing along with you. Quite a sight to see, if you haven’t seen them live, having a heaving wave of bodies moshing out and singing falsetto “ooh, ooh-ooh!” when they’re probably wanting to scream “despite all my rage I’m still just a rat in a cage.” How do they do it?! The video is great too, really captures the band in their natural habitat and doing what all good rock bands do. Tour their arses off!


Ripping out killer air guitar riffs and head banging choruses into snappy tunes is all in a days work for this gang. The matched girl/guy vocals give this song a poppy edge which just makes you want to sing it more. But the power in this song really gets me. Before you realise what’s gone on your shirtless and climbing the rafters. So word of warning don’t listen to this when your mums around. She’ll be burning those concert tickets in no time due to the danger they are!

The video is really lo-fi which keeps with their garage aesthetic but also gives you a good insight into the band live which is really where they shine!


Hugh had recorded a Melt demo and played it for us one rehearsal. We loved it right away. After a string of riff heavy tunes, this was decidedly more hacienda dance vibe. After working on the chorus with him, we pretty much had the song ready to go that day. Love playing it live. That riff just keeps on going and I can imagine Bez doing his little Manchurian jig in the corner of my eye every time we play it.

The video we did in my backyard with sharpie textas and alcohol. The alcohol dissolved the ink and dripped and created these great melting videos! We then dropped some food die and just kept making a mess. Capture it all on film and hey presto video clip! We loved how it turned out! The melting video is mesmerising and really suites the mood of the song.

Shadow Electric Bandroom – Abbotsford, Vic
Doors 7pm – 11.00pm
Horace Bones
The Sand Dollars
Wise Child
Pretty City DJs
Photography by David Reece & Teresa Pham. 

Art installation by Sarah Fern
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