LUI HILL has dropped his single ‘Revolver,’ marking the beginning of a different direction for the acclaimed ‘5000 Miles’ artist.

The single sees the enigmatic producer lay himself bare, using striking sonic elements such as bouncing keys flanked by rock steady percussion and Hill’s one-and-only husky vocals to create a decidedly more ‘indie rock’ sound. ‘Revolver’ explores the frustration of being stuck in a cycle of the mundane; a failing relationship or a dead end job, but the hope of better things to come.

We’re not damned to revolve around (round and round)
Don’t let your dream die, its the hardest that you’ve ever tried.

The instruments are isolated – you can hear every guitar pluck and every drum beat, yet at the same time they create a unified, heartfelt tune of well layered music- a sign of a real artist. Opening with a kind of mixture of choir and hip hop, a piano tinkers then goes silent, letting the drums control the verse. Accompanied by a brilliant music video that gives off a dark, dreamlike vibe, you’ll be thrilled with the new direction Lui Hill is heading.

With the artist shrouded in mystery, his music speaks for itself, and in ‘Revolver’ it speaks volumes.