Finally, after years of funkalicious live shows and performances the smooth and bouncy group Lake Minetonka are releasing their debut album this Friday. To whet our appetites they’ve given us a tasty teaser with the music video for lead single ‘There it is’ featuring Chantal Mitvalsky. 

In a combination of genres and sounds that don’t seem like they should work, the band’s blending of Minneapolis Fusion, 80’s New Wave and that Melbourne funk swagger forms into a Voltron of groovy rhythms and rich tones. Mitvalsky’s vocals on the track adds a soulful and alluring element into the mix, singing “Maybe it’s more than a feeling” like a soaring ode to the dance-funk anthems of the past. It is clear that the group is expanding their vision and having a whole lotta fun whilst doing so.

Taking inspiration from Prince and his side-project Madhouse Lake Minnetonka will be, according to frontman Adam Rudegeair, “fostering a community of ongoing collaborative projects” and “creating a new synthesis of the Melbourne and Minneapolis sounds”. Looking simply at their debut album title ‘Melbournapolis’ we can already see how this synergy is operating and it’s incredibly exciting to see what they’re going to come through with on Friday at The Howler which is sure to bring the house down.

Make sure to check out their stuff on bandcamp and their show at The Howler this Friday!