Melbourne’s Honey Badgers have given us the privilege of streaming their brand new EP, Lover, 48 hours prior its official release – so without further ado…

Vocalist Alastair has also provided us with an overview of the Lover EP, from writing to recording, and everything in between:

Where was ‘Lover’ recorded and over what time period?

We recorded the EP in our bassist Jimmy’s garage out in Kangaroo Ground. Most of the recording was done live in an afternoon while it was pouring with rain. Then everything else was done sporadically over like eighteen months while I (Alastair) was living overseas.

Do you guys have a strict recording regime come studio time, or is it typically a bit of an easy going affair?

The recording was strict in that it was recorded to cassette tape, and every time we’d add another instrument to a song the track would warble and go out of tune. So we’d have to limita number off actual instruments in every song. Which was frustrating but also like very y’know, like interesting from like an artistic standpoint. Like less is more, man. We’re artists who take our craft and ourselves very seriously FYI.

Photo: Jules Valentine

There are some really interesting sonic contrasts throughout the EP, such as the splitting of acoustic and overdriven guitars in ‘Joyless’; does this sort output come about in a structured way, or do you find a lot of the time it’s a spur of the moment discovery?

That’s kind of you to say. It can be both. Some of the tones and textures came from the way it was recorded. Tape sounds warm, etc. Some of them, like ‘Joyless’ were conscious decisions. We recorded another version without all the overdriven guitars and it sounded less like a Honey Badgers song and more like me playing a song by myself.

How are the song writing duties split up? Do you ever see yourselves writing for other members’ instruments etc.?

Generally, most of the skeletons of the songs are written by me. Then they get taken to the band and fleshed out. Everyone is compartmentalised into very specific roles and nobody dares venture outside of those confines for fear of reprisal. 

Photo: Jules Valentine

Was there anything in particular that felt different entering the studio compared to previous times?

This was the first time we’d recorded with Jimmy. Previously we’d done all our recording with Brendan (West, our old bassist. Shout out to Brendan). Both of them play bass and are adept at recording and both have long hair. This was recorded in a garage though which was a seismic difference in that it felt more authentically “garage”. Authenticity is everything.

Aside from your instruments etc., what are some of the studio essentials?

Red wine. Cigarettes. Each other’s pleasant company. 

Does anyone in the group have any strange or obscure recording or performing rituals?

I get very self-conscious when we perform. That’s the only thing you can consistently count on.

Is the title of the new EP homage to anything or anyone in particular?

Not really. All the songs are about someone you are, or have been intimate with; autobiographical and fictional. So ‘Lover’ is like an umbrella covering those themes. Those many, interdisciplinary, far-reaching themes. 

What movie would Lover be a great soundtrack to?

The Little Rascals.

Can you tell us a bit about Pierce O’Brien’s artwork and how it relates to the music itself?

Shout out to Pierce who has done lots of our artworks.

You know that feeling, when you’ve been with someone and have an intimate sketch of them in your brain. Then oh how quickly that can dull and blur.

Lover is out April 26 on cassette and digitally

Honey Badgers Tour Dates

Saturday April 29th
The Tote
w/ Hollie Joyce, Hot Sludge Fundae, Moonlover

Saturday May 13th
Hotel Metro
w/ The Aves, Hannah Fairlamb (Ponytail Kink)

Friday June 2nd
Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar
w/ Shearin’, RC3, Pan Pacific Gran Prix

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