In the wake of encouraging releases at the pointy end of 2017, Melbourne hip-hop artists Fresh Violet and DizzBeats have joined forces to create everyone’s new favourite summertime jingle. ‘No Sheep’ presents itself as a fresh, tropical tune – fusing together fractions of Iggy Azalea and ‘Hollaback Girl’-era No Doubt. The song perfectly showcases the artists’ talents – with Fresh’s free-flowing vocals and spunky lyrics complementing DizzBeats’s crisp, invigorating instrumentals.

Having established themselves as underground hip-hop icons, ‘No Sheep’ approaches unfamiliar, though comfortable, territory for both artists. DizzBeats has appeared alongside rap royalty – Hopsin and GhostFaceKilla just some among an impressive list. Likewise, Fresh has supported the esteemed likes of N’fa Jones, Poppy and Dawn Laird, building beneath herself a pedestal in the rap scene and quickly evolving into a cult favourite.

Adamant on advancing her solo career,  Fresh admits the song very nearly didn’t happen.

“I’d decided to take a break from doing any collaborations and focus on my own projects – but as soon as I heard the instrumental I changed my mind.”

“It’s really different from anything I’d produce for myself and it was so much fun vibing to something so boppy and tropical.”

The spangly beat, simply a must for those road trips along the coast, proves Fresh’s musical metamorphosis to be promising – a radical departure from her political Christmas Carol ‘Hark to the Bells’ (2015). While faithful to the sassy vernacular she gained notoriety for, ‘No Sheep’ is distinctly buoyant – bound to have bodies boogieing.

Indeed, their musical experimentation is worth following closely, with their lyrics perhaps precipitating what is to come for Fresh and DizzBeats – “all the way up, I’ll show you where the ceiling is”.

Catch Fresh Violet in the flesh!

Thursday, March 1, 2018
OAF Gallery, Darlinghurst (w/ Hudson, Kirklandd, Dawn Laird, Johniepee, Sarah Connor & Dobby).