Melbourne based musician Albert Salt has just released his latest single Evaline’, and it’s an utter delight. Overflowing with rhythm and bubbling beats that make you want to become a safety hazard on the dance floor, the tune is another great achievement and another gem in the already impressive musical treasury of the artist.

The multi-instrumentalist musician and producer, who’s played with Kele from Bloc Party, Boy and Bear and Client Liason, is one of the best up and coming artists in Melbourne and, with more singles coming out later on this year, we’re pumped to see what’s in store.

His tunes, that he plays live alongside Alex Bolger on keyboard and Lachie Bubb on drums, can be described as dance, pop, jazz inspired and even classical, but nobody has ever called them conventional, and they are never boring. His classical background is obvious, with explosions of violin leaving some reviews calling it ‘almost cinematic’ (WildnFree), ‘full of stark beauty’ (Declan Byrne) and ‘hysterically deep’ in its production (AAABackstage).

The lyrics, written by longtime collaborator Patrick Dower, are striking and emotional, describing the changes in a relationship after a breakdown. Evaline’, with its catchy piano, sombre violin and upbeat drums, gives the audience what any dedicated Albert Salt listener expects in so many of his pieces: a master of his craft combining many genres and sounds to create a tune full of great beats and emotion.

‘Evaline’ is a deeply personal piece that displays the trajectory of Albert Salt‘s music. If this is where he’s heading with his music, we’re following close behind.