Sessility, the new side project of Leigh Hannah, also of Healthy Tapes (see here for our interview with him last year) has not one, but TWO new tracks for your Tunesday. The ‘Split’ cassette which is released tomorrow through Healthy Tapes, are both are covers and both are beautifully reworked and bring the original tracks to a whole new (better) level.

The first song is probably one the biggest songs currently on rotation in the commercial scene, ‘What Do You Mean’ originally by the Beibmiester himself. Stripping back the production and focusing more on his vocal range, Sessility brings new elements of sensibility to the track. Accompanied by an almost indistinct synth, Sessility’s gentle emotion filled vocals will have you feeling all the feels. Enlisting the help of Yeo for backup vocals, the track is moved from its original home in bangersville to feelsville.

The second track is a cover by Yeo featuring Sessility of one K-Pops biggest stars Jay Park, and his song ‘Solo’. More upbeat than the previous cover, Yeo and Sessility’s take has some serious electronic-reggae vibes. With more production and a cheeky pan flute, this is definitely the more fun of the two tracks. Both are equally as good as each other and both showcase Sessility’s talent for making a track his own.

The Split cassette will be available tomorrow through the Healthy Tapes Bandcamp page here.

Happy listening!