Nana Spam are back with their newest single Bless’, and you won’t be disappointed.

Nana Spam are a Melbourne three-piece group whose sound and artistic intention are best described in their own words as ‘sinister synthpop music for when nana makes her way from the kitchen to the table to serve a plate of spam for dinner’.

Their new track oozes with the synth-heavy, home-cooked cathartic expression Nana Spam are known for, culminating in a sound which is deliciously secretive, and seeping with angst and sensuality. Mixed and mastered by local acclaimed cool-aunty of techno Simona Castricum, Bless’ is about the universal experience of fucking up and seeking redemption, an experience that is at once rich in yuckiness and potential personal growth. Bless’, with its building crescendo of tension and release perfectly encapsulates how the search for redemption is at once quiet and loud, angry and transformative, personal and enlightening.

Amongst it all, Bless’ is permeated by and remains true to what Nana Spam does best, leaving the listener with a creeping feeling that their nana is standing right behind them, ready to serve up a plate of spam for dinner.

Listen to Bless as of today on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Spotify, and catch Nana Spam at The Tote on Thursday, September the 6th supported by local talents KT Spit, Activities of Daily Living and Lalić, for the official launch of Bless’