Perth trio Axe Girl recently released their eagerly anticipated self-titled debut record via SODAcat Records. Produced by WA legend Dave Parkin, and with a little help from some loyal fans, Axe Girl was funded through a successful Pozible campaign and is now on available for the world to hear.

Get to know Axe Girl a little better through the track by track they have put together, while you stream the album in full.

Beach (Take off your clothes)

This is one of the first songs we wrote for the album. I had bought this harmoniser guitar pedal, that turned out to be totally rubbish at harmonising, but I discovered the weird double octave bend squealing sound that it did, and that was the start of this song. It’s about how strange I found it coming to WA where for most people playing in a band is a hobby that they do on the side of a ‘proper’ job whereas in London it’s normal to just play music or be an ‘artist’ without having another career, and for me it’s kinda always been what defines me. I felt like here in Perth we were the only people just bumming around drinking cheap beer, playing music and being skint. We felt like we were in on this secret that know-one else knew; that you could just check-out of real life and not save for the future and just pay rent from one week to the next and live out of a backpack and be free.


This song is about how everyone is always on their phones and computers and you can all be together, but no-ones interacting. Like when people are checking in on Facebook about what they’re doing, but are not actually engaged in doing it.


This song started with a bass line that Ness was jamming on. We jammed on the groove for ages, and kinda had the whole structure and parts finished before there were any vocals or lyrics. We kept going back to the jam, cos it was so fun to play,  and then one day we we’re talking about my housemate Jen and how she was so silent and kept sneaking up on me (not on purpose) and how when I jumped out of my skin she’d just shrug and be like ‘I’m a Ninja’ . It was really funny. I wrote the lyrics as a joke just to make the others laugh, and it kinda just stuck… Then when Brett came up with the cheeky synth line in the chorus, we knew the song had to be on the record.


Silence is one of the more intense songs on the album. Sometimes I get sad and goose-bumpy singing it. It’s about a doomed relationship, when everything has gone stale but you can’t break up. All the imagery in the lyrics are cold and bleak, and I tried to mirror that in the really icey guitar tone and jagged stabby part that follows the driving beat. The bass carries all the movement and flow and harmonic changes while the guitars are really static, which give’s this really stark but tense vibe. The song ends the same as it starts to mirror the bleak cyclical hopeless vibe in the lyrics.


I came up with the chorus for this song on my first ever Australia Day. Then I totally forgot about it until my second Australia Day, at which point I suddenly remembered it, showed the others and together we made it into a full song. It’s really a celebration of West Australia, but from a personal point if view, it’s about taking a leap of faith, moving to the other side if the world to play in a band. It’s the most liberating thing I’ve ever done.


For me this song is all about the bass line in the verses- it’s so melodic but grooving. We wrote this song in pretty much one session, and it was in our live set within a couple of weeks.

Inner Queen

I wrote a version of this song a long time ago, after watching Pricilla Queen if the Desert. When we were writing the album, I was going back through old demos and found it. We totally re-worked it, and this is what we ended up with.


I’d been reading a book called ‘Song of Achilles’ and was so stirred by it, I was moved to write a song about it. In the end the lyrics we’re really clunky with character names like ‘Patroclus’ and Achilles’ but the picture in my mind was so vivid, with this ancient greek landscape, that I had to find another hero. The story of Icarus has always enchanted me, the idea of this kid who’s never experienced freedom, and when he does so, he throws everything away on this one moment of joy. It’s a brilliant metaphor for human nature, and that’s what I wanted to capture in the lyrics.

Give Me Your Teeshirt

This is a based on true events. Again this one came together very quickly, and was kinda meant as a joke, but it’s so fun and bouncy that it just stuck.

So Awkward

This is now my favourite song on the record. I was sitting on the sofa waiting for my partner to get off the phone and come and watch TV and this song just wrote itself. Next day I went to jam and a heap of magic happened and here it is.

Leave You behind

This song is about not being able to say what’s on your mind. I often really struggle to say whats on my mind- especially when I want to most. This song is about that.

Diamond Rings

This is a fun party song that we like to play at the end of night when everyone’s getting a bit loose and lairy.

Who Am I?

This was one of the first songs we ever did as Axe Girl. Before I met Nessy and Brett and came to Australia I’d had a really bad break-up with my last band. I thought we were kinda ‘together forever’ and then it all fell apart on tour – it all seems so childish now, but everything about the lead-up is a blur and we were under a lot of pressure, and really irresponsible, and didn’t look after each other like we should have. It had been so intense for so long that after it ended, I didn’t know who I was or what I was supposed to do as it had always just been about playing in the band. I’d just finished uni, and was totally lost and trying to figure out how to be a grown-up and tackle real life. This song is about that. And through the last two years of Axe Girl, I’ve really found myself, and figured out that it’s better not to live real life after all, and just to be a dreamer and take things one day at a time.

Axe Girl 2014 Tour Dates

Wednesday, 19th November 2014 – Lass O’Gowrie – Newcastle NSW

Thursday, 20th November 2014 – Worlds End Hotel – Adelaide SA

Friday, 21st November 2014 – Mojo’s Bar – Fremantle WA

Saturday, 22nd November 2014 – Four5Nine Bar – Perth WA