Although gone are the days of getting up early to watch the likes of RAGE and TVHits in your PJs, theres still plenty of incredible music videos being churned out all over the world, and we can say with confidence, a many of the best are homegrown.

To mix it up a bit, STV staff have picked a beverage that pairs well with each video,  for your viewing pleasure (cmon, it’s Friday…)


WAAX – Wild & Week

Drink: Bourbon on the rocks.

“I don’t even like Jack Daniels, but this is making me crave it by the pint” – SP

Flight Facilities – Arty Boy

Drink: Gin & Tonic w/ Cucumber

“Class with a touch of rowdiness at the end” – SW

Release The Woolves – Shotgun (ft. Maribelle)

Drink: Vodka soda in a tall glass

“This one has all the ingredients for some low drops at 2am”AO

Miles and Simone – She and I

Drink: Single malt whiskey out of the bottle

“A smooth finishing pickup” – SP

Sippy Mane x Lalic – 2 Much

Drink: Acid Spiked Water

It’s a slow descent through a journey which is equal parts hydrating exciting, terrifying, joyful, trippy, frightening and fun” – AO