The internet threw open its doors with heavy reception as fans globally were treated to a surprise new song from Melbourne’s own Twelve Foot Ninja.
Accompanied with a hilarious music video that draws on all the iconology that is token of Australia- especially via the doting of a Collingwood Football Club hat the band take on alter egos in a riddled debate which works as an especially effective prelude for the track which was met with vast acclaim from fans internationally.

The band have insisted ‘One Hand Killing’ is merely a taste of the madness and chaos yet to come, it serving as a stand alone single rather than the first track off of their forthcoming album.
This song comes in the midst of a funding campaign started by the collective, working as a teaser providing listeners a glimpse into the album that they can assist in funding.
You are able to contribute to the recording of the madness yet to come HERE.

When speaking on their unique crowd funding scheme vocalist Kin insists“We just want to entertain our supporters with great content and put some smiles on faces. We’ll keep doing what we do, as long as our fans keep supporting us by buying what we create. It’s a symbiotic relationship: if one stops, so does the other”

Twelve Foot Ninja’s 
 forthcoming fan-funded album comes three years after their highly acclaimed debut Silent Machine, the band were thrown from obscurity to headline shows from being a vast unknown to selling out consecutive shows.