Los Angeles natives Best Coast’s third full-length album California Nights embodies the rich lightness and stinging darkness of a California state of mind. Produced by Wally Gagel (New Order, Muse), and recorded at the legendary WAX LTD in Hollywood, California, the album detail the highs and the lows of relationships, similar to the juxtaposition of the band’s hometown LA.

If you have ever lived in California, you know what nighttime here feels like. You know what the sky looks like when those epic sunsets begin, and you understand that feeling and the way things change when the sun finally sets. In LA, or maybe just personally to me, when the sun sets – I feel like there is a large sense of calmness in the air, and I feel like everything that happened to me prior in the day, whether crappy experiences or good ones, at night, it all goes away and I sink deep into this different kind of ‘world.’ – Bethany Cosentino.

Returning to Australia this July for an appearance at Byron Bay’s Splendour in the Grass and sideshows, so ahead of their tour we thought we find out how Bethany likes spend her spare time while on the road….

We want to know all your deepest darkest secrets around being on tour. How do you pass the time while on the road, in the air or possibly on high seas?

On tour I watch a lot of TV- I bring Seinfeld DVDs with me so that I can watch them on the tour bus in my bunk and feel like I’m at home. I watch The Simpsons a lot too. I try to exercise at least once a day if time permits- that definitely helps keeps me sane. A white wine spritzer or too is also my secret to success. I absolutely hate flying and being on boats too- so when we have to do either, it’s for sure when I dig into my Xanax stash and just put headphones on immediately and listen to music. In the instance, that there are free movies on planes- I try to watch the silliest one I can find so it will take my mind off how horrifying it is to be in the air!!!

What are you watching?

Right now, I’m watching this docu-series called The Staircase. It’s a true crime show about a man that was convicted of his wife’s murder, but he claimed she fell down the stairs. It’s really fucked up- but so, so, so fascinating. I’m really into true crime stuff. I just finished the HBO series The Jinx and as soon as that was done, I wanted to watch something else true crime related so a friend of mine suggested The Staircase. I’m always watching Seinfeld, like, always. Never gets old to me. And The Simpsons as well.

What are you listening to?

I’ve been listening to Oasis probably more than anything else lately. I was a huge fan in my teens, I mean, I’ve always been a huge fan- but more recently I got heavily obsessed with them all over again. I’ve also been listening to If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late by Drake and I’m always listening to Guilty Of Everything by Nothing, who are tight bros of mine + Bobb’s.

What are you reading? 

Right now, I’m reading Man And His Symbols by Carl Jung. My best friend is a Ph.D. student, so she always recommends books to me and this was one of them. Before that, I read Gone Girl because I was really into the movie and I wanted to see what the book was all about. I don’t read as much as I would like to- but I try to read when I can.

What are you eating?

I’ve been really obsessed with salads lately. I love cooking, so I’ve been making this one salad a lot- it’s like arugula, baby kale, lentils, quinoa, avocado + then I make my own dressing which is just garlic, brown mustard, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. I make the dressing in my Vitamix. It’s so simple + delicious.

Where are you sleeping?

At home! Which is amazing. I’m about to spend the majority of this year on tour so I’m trying to enjoy sleeping in my own bed as possible. It’s magical.

What can’t you live without while on the road?

Seinfeld DVDs, exercise of some sort, coconut water, ambien (sleeping tablets) and my iPhone.

What is your one guilty pleasure while touring?

I honestly don’t believe in guilty pleasures- I just feel like, if you like something, own it. But I guess the closest thing to this would be the fact that we go to a lot of chain restaurants while we are on tour. There is just something comforting about going to like a PF Chang’s or a Cheesecake Factory (which are US chains.) I grew up in the suburbs a little outside of LA, so like doing “normal” people stuff like that makes me feel at home.

What is your favourite tour photo?

In 2014, we went on tour with Pixies, and this was the first show in Denver on Valentine’s Day. Someone had left this faux fur vest in the backstage so Bobb put it on and we all died laughing. This photo is kind of like the epitome of what a Best Coast tour is like- just doing the stupidest stuff to make each other laugh.

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California Nights, out May 1st on EMI Australia.

Best Coast 2015 Australian Tour Dates

Sunday 26 July
Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Tuesday 28 July
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Also appearing at the sold out Splendour In The Grass Festival (Sold Out).