You’re walking out late and the sky begins to change. It’s rich in oranges, reds and pinks as it cascades above you. With ethereal sounds you’re elevated up gently, silently gazing as the shadows dips into the light in the ‘After Dark’. For Oliver Sol, growing up under the wings of singer/producer Daniel Anthony had a free-fall effect; pushing Sol into a brooding relationship with forward-thinking pop music. With such a diversity, ‘After Dark’ sets the scene as Sol emerges from his earlier bedroom projects into a sweeping ethereal of electronica and rock. As if re-imagining his own sound, the debut single hears  the mastery of Samuel K (Kimbra, SHIHAD) and Walter Coelho (Royksopp, Deadmau5) take full effect; combining futuristic textures with infectious downtempo tones. Bursting into a synth-glazed crescendo, ‘After Dark’ simmers your right down to the core.