Sarah Fern, part-girl, part-green leafed plant is an emerging graphic designer with a twist.
Her works revolve around her meticulous collages and her keen eye for shapes and styles, reconstructing normal images into quirky, amazing and fun artworks. We spoke to Sarah about her collage style, music, travel and favourite spreads.

How did you initially get into collage?
It was an accident. In my mind, I was heading towards a fashion degree but went for the visual communication interview just to make my mum happy and decided to go with my gut. When I look back now, collage was something I had always done. I am a collector of old books, clothes, religious icons, and I have always naturally mixed and explored with different media. Collage became the way I wanted to solve briefs and it has continued to grow from there.

What would you say your style is?
Eclectic and sometimes a little weird.

Do you feel your experience with graphic design helps influence your collage style?
I think it has been the best thing for it. It has helped me to understand and create better compositions and think of different applications for my images.


How do you find/decide on the pieces that you work with?
My images are sourced mainly from second-hand books and magazines. Sometimes I source images from the Internet, but I prefer to stay as analogue as possible. I usually choose images I work with by how it interacts with other components. Truthfully, there is a lot of trial and error involved.

What’s your favourite subject matter to work with?
At the moment, I love hands. They always create great interactions. I always enjoy working with images of people. Most of my works have some element of body or movement.

Where do you get your inspiration?
A face, a plant or a building, anything that catches my eye. One image normally prompts the rest of the piece.


What music are you listening to right now? Do you get inspiration from music?
Right now, I’m listening to Marlon William’s Dark Child. Music definitely helps me work, creates a better environment.

Vegemite or peanut butter?
Peanut butter. Always.

Where’s your favourite place to travel to?
Anywhere new, and different. The best part of travelling is being somewhere and being inspired by the things that are mundane to the people that live there.

Have you sold any of your collage pieces yet?
Not yet! I’m in the process setting up an online store. Meanwhile, my current body of work is on my website.


What are your top 5 favourite artworks you have created?
I don’t think I have favourites. I love pieces where I feel like I have progressed with my style or when a new approach or technique has been successful.

What’s your favourite food to eat when you collage?

What’s the best piece of advice you would give to a budding collage artist/graphic designer?
I don’t know if I can give out advice as I’m still working it out myself. But I would say don’t put yourself in a box, leave yourself room to grow, always keep learning and exploring.