‘Palms’ is the first release from the newly created Synth Babe Records, by electronic noodling chanteuse and label founder Ninoosh, taken from her debut EP Town of Two Hundred, which will be launched digitally on June 19, 2016.

Produced by Anya Trybala and co-produced, mixed and mastered at Sound Machine Studios in Melbourne, ‘Palms’ is a woozy, emotive track featuring Patrick Nicholas on the drums, Jess Keefe on strings and Manny Sharrad on backing vocals.

Accompanying the hauntingly stunning track is an equally dream-like film-clip, produced by Third Ray Productions:

We produced this clip entirely by correspondence. Lucy from Third Ray Productions has a collage and remix aesthetic and sourced all this random footage and cut it together. I was in Perth, W.A at the time and she was in L.A. She just kept sending me stuff and I made some filming contributions of the desert and my face and she cut it all together.”

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