2016 might almost be over, but it still has a couple of treats up it’s sleeve. Just a few days ago, Trent Reznor announced that he would be releasing the first Nine Inch Nails music in over three years, with the EP Not The Actual Events.

The EP welcomes Atticus Ross as a new member of the ever changing lineup of NIN. Atticus Ross has worked with Trent Reznor for numerous projects recently, with a focus on film soundtracks. The duo wrote and recorded the well received score for the Facebook biopic The Social Network in 2010, and the soundtrack to Gone Girl.

Just today, Reznor has unveiled the first track from Not The Actual Events mere hours before the EP release- a brooding, sprawling and dreamlike six minute number entitled ‘Burning Bright (Field on Fire).’ The song has a more abstract and ambient composition than Nine Inch Nails most recent work in 2013.

Though it is a somewhat heavy number, there is a certain haze that hangs over it, allowing for a broad, sweeping beautiful blanket to drape over the skeleton of the song.

Check it out below. The EP is available today.