This week we’re taking a look at Crowd Funding campaigns from different walks of life – we’ve got Brisbane outfit The Mouldy Lovers‘ quest to record their next album, Perth Artists looking to create a photo documentary on their vibrant scene, and one of the strangest campaigns we’ve come across, ‘The Air Umbrella‘.

Pledge away!

Help Fund The Mouldy Lovers’ Second Full Length Album

Brisbane based gypsy/ska/punk band The Mouldy Lovers need your help to fund the record of their already written second release!

“Over the last few months we’ve been hard at work writing our second full length album, which we are nearly ready to start recording! The songs we have written for this album are our best ones yet (at least we think so!), and as such we want to do them justice by allowing a bit more time in the studio to get the recordings just right.”

Up for grabs on the pledge front is the early release of the new album, funky album artwork and even a sleep over with the gang for a movie night!

Bring Perth Artists Seasons One Book To Life

The Perth Artists online Arts documentary is looking to turn their works into a physical medium. With your help, the project can leap off the screen and into books all over the country to be used to promote Perth’s vibrant arts culture.

“Perth Artists is an self-funded online arts documentary video series made up of five minute episodes that highlight the creative works of emerging Perth artists. Established by Peter Cheng in 2013, the series has had exponentially growing support – backed by local artists, galleries and curators.”

Pledgers can grab copies of the book and DVD of the series, or even get their name inside the cover in corporate sponsor package!

Introducing ‘The Air Umbrella’

We don’t know how it works. We don’t know why we need it. But we want one….

“Its a dome of jetted air to prevent rain to fall through. The Air Umbrella shields from the rain with a temporary, air-circulating roof Umbrellas are the best until you enter the building. By then you have a soaking wet piece of fabric to carry around you. That is why this idea by Chuan Wang, an inventor from Nanjing, China, is just so good. Also, it looks a lot like magic.” 

Pledge away and you yourself can own one of the very first ‘Air Umbrellas’