Dark Mofo is turning three (and you’re invited). Come one, come all; celebrate the darkness and, of course, pay tribute to the quirky Mumma that birthed Tasmania’s celebrated festival into the world, MONA (between the 12th and the 22nd June).

Events for the quirky and the conventional too, events to amuse, events to churn your tummy, it’s all there (waiting in anticipation).

If the flirtatious sense of obscurity can’t seduce you into attending, here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ to send you on your way.

Rug up to avoid unwanted appendage shrinkage

It’s downright irrefutable, a universally known fact: Tasmania is flipping freezing. Even in summer, complete with our beloved ozone hole, it can be on the cooler side of the spectrum. So in the heart of winter, you want your thermals to be wearing thermals (rest assured, it’s for their own safety).

Warm your belly with the Winter Feast

It attracts more yum’s than Tom (not to mention folk from far and wide). The subsequent high demand has led organisers to extend the feast to five days, encouraging the collective stuffing of bellies and popping of top buttons. The theme for this year? Birds nest. But be forewarned, this particular nest does not meet commonplace expectations (but rather exceeds them)…

Medieval throwback: the Winter Feast, Dark Mofo.

Be mesmerised by Antony and the Johnsons

Both shows sold out in just three hours. Enough said.

Over stimulate your senses with RBMA presents: CIRCOM

Esteemed Japanese musician, Yamantaka Eye, is set to lure you into a euphoric state of improvisation. Conducting a collection of performers (armed with their weapon of choice: the laptop), Eye will direct the circle using a series of specified hand signals. You won’t know what hit you.

Support local legends (The Preatures, Klo & Tiger Choir)

You could argue it’s habitual; we love to get around our own. It’s the sense of pride, the ‘cool by affiliation’ factor, the undeniable charm of homegrown, true blue goodness. Whatever the notion, our thirst for local is insatiable.


Get cheeky at the Nude Solstice Swim

…But you can leave your hat on. Take a frisky dip (but beware of the shrunken tip). In the brisk morning light, throw caution to the wind.

Run amuck in the darkness of Blacklist

1. Balance dueling behaviors (be naughty, and nice).
2. Grow accustomed to the dark.
3. Keep your cotton-picking fingers to yourself (unless otherwise invited).
4. Take a pal under your metaphoric wing, take a liking and let them (s)in.
5. Be kind to anyone in need.
6. Gaze long into an abyss (the abyss will gaze back at thee).

Shut up and listen at Dark Mofo Films

Silence your whispers and moans in the name of all that is popcorn and choc tops. Dark Mofo Films will feature the world premiere of The Kettering Incident, the brainchild of Rowan Woods and Tony Krawitz. Shot entirely in the darkness of Van Diemen’s Land (known to the unknowing as Tasmania), the double episode feature boasts a ripper cast in the proverbial form of Elizabeth Dibecki and Matthew Le Nevez.

kettering incident

Walk into the light at Dark Park

A playground for the dark to dabble in the light. Macquarie Point’s rail yard will be resurrected, transformed to enable all to play in its confines. Lain in the old Searoads shed, Anthony McCall’s Solid Light Works will leave you awash in incandescent rays. But step outside… step outside and you will be equal parts terrified and mystified by the Fire Organ. A structure brought to life by Dutch mastermind Bastiaan Maris.

Get with the program

Make your life a little easier and decipher the ambiguity that is the Dark Mofo program. If you can grapple at a basic understanding, you’re one step closer to unlocking the question that have plagued mankind for centuries: What precisely, does one do at Dark Mofo? (See above).

For more information and tickets head to darkmofo.net.au