English indie rockers Mystery Jets have released the first single from their upcoming fifth studio album Curve Of The Earth.

‘Telomere’ – which also features as the album’s opening track – is a swirling, atmospheric anthem which quickly builds to a pulsing, grandiose scale.  Blaine Harrison’s enraptured vocals overlay a haunting, almost electronic-sounding guitar riff which creates such an otherworldly aura, it’s almost hard to believe the song was recorded in an abandoned button factory in London.

Upon their return to the stage in Japan and England last month for their first live shows in over a year, the band played through their upcoming nine-track album in its entirety, which seems to reaffirm the band’s confidence with their latest and more musically defined work.  Guitarist Will Rees claimed the group’s coming of age has come around after, “realisations that come with playing in a band  that has been together for over two decades, I think these songs have real feeling about them.”

Curve Of The Earth is expected for release on January 15, 2016.