This Wednesday, the Musicians For Detainees collective will be holding an official fundraiser for non-for-profit organisation ASRC (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre) at The Toff in Town.

Since establishing in 2014, Musicians For Detainees have strived to reduce social isolation and bring joy to those detainees deemed unfit to live in the community through the power of live music. For every Thursday at the beginning of each month, independent artists from the local Melbourne music scene and beyond share their unique songwriting style; creating a sense of involvement and differentiating the regiment of detainee life. Previous performances have included Grim Fawkner, Al Parkinson and members from The Hunters and Collectors.

Now aiming to raise awareness for their cause on a larger scale, this fundraiser will be the first of many to come, with an array of established indie-folk artists, including the soulful poeticism of Liz Stringer, captivating vocals of Hailey Calvert, a solo performance from indie group, Skipping Girl Vinegar and Invenio. 

Event organiser, Bianca Maes, pledges now is the time more than ever to contribute to such a worthy cause, due to the monthly Musicians For Detainees sessions being forced to temporarily shut down after changes to the Border Force occurred.  Consequently, the Immigration Department reevaluated visitation and contact procedures, barring artists from visiting the centers. Wednesday’s fundraising event will see the culmination of like-minded and motivated people fighting for change whilst raising awareness as to how other community members can make a difference.

Things kick off at 7.30, Wednesday October 21st with the folk stylings of Hailey Calvert opening the night.

For more information and to RSVP, click below: