After conquering SXSW and being added to triple j’s rotation on the week of its release, Woodes has unveiled the beautifully conceptualised video for anthem hit ‘Dots’.

Filmed over four days, the Andy Hatton directed video showcases various locations around Victoria, such as the stunningly haunting Redwood Forest.

The video terrifically combines the uplifting ‘Dots’ and uniquely interesting Victorian locations to bring a fresh sensation to the powerful track. Woodes, AKA Elle Graham, details the clip’s creation:

“I worked with Melbourne director Andy Hatton throughout the creation of this clip to bring ‘Dots’ to life. We brought together a mood board of hundreds and hundreds of images at first, focusing on light and connection. From there we conceptualised a clip focused on a search, or group of quests… sending out signals and being drawn back into human connection. It’s special to feel connected to something or someone through thoughts and places, smells and sounds.

“We filmed this clip over 4 days around Victoria. The cliffs were a little gem I found through friends. We got on location, and instead of ‘looking around’ on foot we sent the drone up into the sky. It kept rising and rising above us as we all crowded around the screen watching the cliffs turn into veins. Pink and white.

“The Redwoods were shot on the last day. I walked into the forest and everything was so still. Little light pockets, dappled on the forest floor. I felt like a bird. We shot the indoor studio shots at Monster & Bear Studios. For this we made a mirrored wonderland out of giant mirrored sheeting and I sang in a dress made out of tinsel.