Exhibitionist’s latest song “Sway” is a fun breakbeat track filled with bubbly synths which encompass the feeling of emerging love compounded by a fear of what will happen when one lets their guard down.

The frequent collaborator of Grammy nominee 6LACK has dropped the lead single for her much anticipated EP (set to be released in June) and it’s a stunner. With production credits from Jono Boulet and Lucian Blomkamp, the track is a fun whirlwind of emotion.

In an effort to, as Exhibitionist puts it, set a “personal reminder to be open to love and to stop pushing against it” the track dances around with increasing tension yet never really explodes into that bombastic feeling of happiness. It’s energetic, fun and very relatable for the lovelorn masses, all while setting up Exhibitionist for the bright future ahead.