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British band THE JCQ unleash their sophomore album, Mechanical Young, through Hassle/Shock Records today.

The album is the follow up to their ground-breaking debut album That Was Then, This Is Now, and builds on the statement of intent that record delivered.


The band, who now refer to themselves simply as ‘THE JCQ’ (formerly The James Cleaver Quintet), embarked on a musical pilgrimage to Sweden to commit their vision to tape with legendary producers Pelle Henricsson and Eskil Lovstrom (the team behind Refused’s The Shape Of Punk To Come).


“Working with Pelle on this album was a dream come true for a band like us. We’re huge fans of his work so it really was a privilege to work with him and Eskil. Although he has recorded some of our favourite albums, we didn’t want ours to sound like any of them and we think this record has ended up with a unique sound of its own – lots of fuzzy guitars, octave pedals, riffs and hooks.”


To mark the announcement of Mechanical Young and give listeners a taste of the album, ‘Ghosts Diffuse’, the first single taken from Mechanical Young, is available to stream and download from the bands web site.


Watch the Lyric video for ‘Ghosts Diffuse’



Mechanical Young track listing

1. Ghosts Diffuse
2. Plainview
3. Resurrection Revenue
4. Aspidistra
5. Love’s No good
6. Amidship & Afloat
7. No Kind of man Pt1
8. iii
9. No Kind of Man Pt2
10. Ruin Age


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