Take a spoonful of nostalgia, 90s indie rock band Slowdive are back.

It was in 1995 when the British band dropped their last album, Pygmalion. Since then, the band took a long 22-year break, but have now finally released a new track. ‘Star Roving’ is the band’s first release since their reunion in 2014. After over two decades, the band implement the same shoegazing sound as they did in the 1990s, offering a musical high in this new five-minute track. Comparing to the band’s 1990s classics, ‘Star Roving’ is on a slightly faster tempo, with a refreshing raucous instrumental twist; but the indistinguishable, dream-state vocal remains in similar fashion. Listen below.

The band entered the public eye in the early 1990s, with Rachel Goswell and Neil Halstead on guitars and vocals, Christian Savill on guitar, Nick Chaplin on bass and Simon Scott on drums. Their first album was titled Just For a Day, and it quickly rose to top 10 on UK Indie music chart. The band subsequently released two albums, Souvlaki in 1993 and their last album Pygmalion in 1995.

Since then the band members pursued their own individual endeavours in music, and kept pushing their signature ambient rock sound further, exploring other fields such as electronic and country influenced music. In 2006, the band’s vocalist Rachel Goswell was diagnosed with labyrinthitis, a particular type of ear infection which resulted in hearing loss. She was therefore sidelined from live performances and put her music career on a long hiatus.

In 2014, members of Slowdive’s teased their reunion and later together, they commenced their reunion tour. Signed to Dead Oceans, the band have been working on new materials since the tour. ‘Star Roving’, their latest track, is merely a glimpse into what the future holds for this incredible band.