‘Stray Dog’ is the latest single off Lachlan X. Morris’ soon to be released sophomore album ‘Premeditations’.

Lachlan X. Morris, a Newcastle based ‘psychedelic dad-rock’ artist, was the lead singer and songwriter for 2011 Unearthed High finalists The Guppies and has toured with Birds of Tokyo, The Rubens and Groovin The Moo. Morris past gives him a wealth of experience which infuses his newest tracks, ‘Stray Dog’ included, with a quality and strength that makes the tunes a force to be reckoned with.

‘Stray Dog’ specifically, opens with energetic drums which boldly cut out upon the introduction of Morris’ initially shoe-gaze sounding vocals, only to return and ground the song in a distinctively rock beat. What strikes the listener is the fantastic and nuanced composition of the track, Morris has created a song wherein every sound and every beat feels considered.

Similarly, the fusion of classic rock instrumentation with psychedelic synth lines in ‘Stray Dog’ immerses the listener further into the sublime rock track. Morris combines old-school songwriting and pop formations, harbouring a bold throwback to 70’s pop music, with a unique nod to both modern psychedelia and alternative rock. Importantly though, Morris’ composition remains tight, and never once does it feel as if he has bitten off more than he could chew.

Lachlan X. Morris is launching the single with a free hometown show at Stag & Hunter Hotel in Newcastle, Friday 28th September. Find him on Facebook and Soundcloud.