Described as both ‘a naughty bastard with a heart of gold and a voice of rotting grapes’ and ‘a sweet cup of sauce’, Peter Bibby is set to release his debut album Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician later this year through Spinning Top Music.

The Perth singer-songwriter who now resides in Melbourne has just released a film clip to accompany ‘Hates My Boozin’; a single from his forthcoming album released via Soundcloud about a week ago.  The single is an escapade of slack truths about the costs of having both a woman and a couple of dirty habits — the combination of which not being a good one. It’s an Australian-accented, dramatic snippet of jangly guitars underlying charming and effortless songwriting.

I won’t give too much away about the video because you really should watch it. All I’ll say is that it starts with a wedding and ends with a munt-fest; all the while exuding pretty lights, pretty girls and pretty dresses. What a concept.

The music video was filmed, directed, and edited by Tahlia Isabel Palmer and designed by Bek Bibby; starring an array of familiar faces from Mangelwurzel, The Murlocs, Pond, etc. etc. etc.

As Bibby puts it: “One time I was really drunk, for the thousandth time, and my girlfriend got really upset at me and told me I need to stop drinking or else she would leave me. I haven’t seen her in a few years. Then another time, the same thing happened with a different girl. She’s gone too… I started thinking about all the other women in my life who have given me a hard time for being a trashy booze hound so I sat down at the type writer and shat out this song. I had already been strumming the chords as I drove across the Nullabor with a couple of good mates a few days earlier and it all SLOTTED in nicely. It’s a representation of my horrible stubbornness.”

… 🙁

Peter Bibby will release his new album titled Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician, it’s out November 14 on Spinning Top Records.