Patrick James is a song smith with a penchant for tinkering guitars and harmonies.

James grew up by the seaside in Port Macquarie. He then moved to Sydney, and took to busking in Newton, at The Glebe Markets and by The Rocks. People stopped in their tracks to listen to James.

There he honed his skills at a basic level, with the natural ease of words and acoustics.

What begins as a sparse arrangement on his own, soon becomes filled and full with a band and equipment in the studio.

James has made one EP All About to Change (2013) and has since spent time assembling a new collection of songs for his second release Broken Lines.

Broken Lines is a dreamy soundscape, full to the brim with smooth and textured harmonies.

James recorded his first EP at home. Second time around, he ventured into the studio with Wayne Connolly (Hungry Kids of Hungary, Josh Pyke). This new space gave James room to experiment and harvest songs that grow full and wide with thick harmonies, blending and weaving with his voice. The album is one which at first sounds really clean cut and pleasant, but requires a few more listens to appreciate the lyrical arrangement, phrasing and storytelling.

“There was a greater experimental period with songs and parts within them, just purely because there are so many options with production and sound going into a session like that,” recalls James.

Despite the free rein James had in a studio setting, those wholesome qualities are still maintained- his voice, unaffected; there’s country twang, brush strokes on the drums, and a geniality flooding through.

It is apparent that James’ music has personal ties. His songs are honest and the homemade artwork that accompanies his EP adds to his musical charm and likability.

Broken Lines is due out on July 11 via Create/Control and is available now for pre-order on iTunes. It includes a free bonus track.

patrick jamesArtwork by Matt De Feudis
You can find more about Patrick James here on his website