What drum pack are the swedes using? I wonder to myself as Olsson’s new single ‘Hold On’ feat. Mapei begins to bless my eardrums. Sweden is sorely slept on, okay fine besides ABBA (and many many others) but we can’t deny their omnipotent power over music! The sugar laced 4 chord intro over the clean hard-kicking drums is attention catching and the weighty bass commands attention throughout the rest of the track.

Olsson was the previous lead vocalist for Swedish band Fibes, oh Fibes. For the last few years, he’s been sharing a studio space alongside Lykkie Li, Peter Bjorn and John as well as Miike Snow. During a period of time in New York City, Olsson went through his ‘Solo Project’ music folder and began refining his ideas on what he wanted to make. Heavily influenced by gospel and early 90s rave these elements are evident throughout ‘Hold On’ and contribute to a hauntingly high-powered chorus.

‘Hold On’ is self-described as a battle song for when you’re struggling to find a purpose when everything seems to be falling apart. A song to brave the harshness of life and to find your path again.

had also been in the studio working with Mapei on her upcoming album. He wanted someone who could bring an earth shattering feel with just the right touch. Mapei is one of the fortunate few in the world who can transition from her vivid and powerful singing voice to her raw and gritty rap style. Making her a perfect accompaniment to ‘Hold On’.