When I first heard LOVA’s latest single, ‘My Name Isn’t’, I immediately wanted to send it to my best friend so we could learn all the words and choreograph a synchronised dance routine to the music. This is not just because it’s an insanely catchy pop song, but because the lyrics feel very real to me and my experiences, as well as those of all the women in my life. There really is nothing like listening to a song that perfectly captures how you have felt in a cute and cheeky way, and that’s what LOVA achieves on ‘My Name Isn’t’.

LOVA is an emerging pop star from Sweden. She only released her debut EP, ‘Scripted Reality’ last year, and if ‘My Name Isn’t’ is anything to go by, she’ll be on a skyrocket to superstardom before you know it. If you’ve been sleeping on her, it’s time you jump on the LOVA train! She’s an artist that has things to say and is motivated to inspire and empower women with her music. And her songs are next level catchy. She’s a pop music dream girl who is going places.

“[‘My Name Isn’t] is a voice for all the strong but incredibly tired women, a call for the world’s attention and a call to all men”. – LOVA

On ‘My Name Isn’t’ LOVA takes on men who treat her and other women like second class citizens, just objects for their pleasure. She sings “I am not the things you call me”, “don’t come here and say boys are gonna be boys/behind every act there’s always a choice” and “they all talk bout the body they see/like I’m not around”. These lyrics land like pop lyrics because of the upbeat production, but behind them there is a deeper meaning and larger narrative that rings true in the #MeToo era.

“It’s nothing new that we women are tired—tired of living in the background of men, tired of having to raise our voices to be heard, tired of feeling afraid late at night, and tired of always adjusting for men who cannot keep their hands and mouths under control.” – LOVA

Ultimately, ‘My Name Isn’t’ is an empowering song. LOVA repeatedly sings ‘my name isn’t yours’, words that describe ownership and the taking back of a story that has long been out of women’s hands. When I listen to this track, I feel powerful. I want my bestie to listen to it. My sister. My mum. I want every woman to feel powerful, to feel less alone. LOVA has created magic on this track and it’s something you need to add to your Spotify favourites playlist, stat.