The amps are up, the pedals are on, the foundations have been reinforced. IOWA are here again. Following on from their sensational debut album release of 2012 ‘Never Saw It Coming’, IOWA return with ‘ALWAYS THE DEVIL’.

As the leaders of the new generation of sonic terrorists, IOWA have delivered another great song, this time released as a split 7” on TYM Records with Sydney band ‘Sounds Like Sunset’.

Finding space on an action packed calendar of events that have seen them play with Redd Kross, Bob Mould and Endless Boogie, IOWA snuck back into Horizon Sound studios to team up again with ‘Never Saw it Coming’ engineer Anthony Cornish to record a song capturing all the staples of their live shows, swathes of swirling, fuzzed-out guitars, room shaking bass and phenomenally intense drums.

IOWA are launching their new record with shows in both Melbourne and Brisbane. Don’t miss them.
‘Always the Devil’ is available exclusively through TYM Records

IOWA embodies the essence of music that’sborn in Melbourne. It’s black, smoky, authentic, real, cold and warm all at once”
Beat Magazine, Melbourne