Harts new single ‘Offtime’ follows on from the success of singles ‘All Too Real’ and ‘The Music‘, which not only received airplay on Triple J in Australia, but also got played at BBC6 in the UK as well as many online blog features, 40,000+ Soundcloud plays and airplay on Australian late night TV, Rage. ‘Offtime‘ is the last single to be lifted of Harts 5-track EP, ‘Offtime‘ was released on early this year. It was mixed by Lars Stalfors of The Mars Volta. ‘Offtime‘ is the title track from the EP and features all the musical elements essential to my Harts‘ sound. Produced as a Nu-Disco/Funk track with the attitude of indie rock and the chic of 70’s disco pop.

Harts said this about his music process “I want to create a sound that covers all the bases of the music that has influenced me. A sound that incorporates and makes new all the music I love and cherish that just isn’t around these days. From 60s rock to 70s funk through Disco, then into 80s glam and pop through to 90s grunge, on through to late 90s/early 00s dance, finally shot through with early 2000s indie rock and alternative electro dance, each song is crafted through a broad channel of music, finally landing me at a brand new and unique sound that I hope people will love as much as I love.” 


Listen to ‘Offtime’ here 

See our interview with Harts 


“A one man music making machine”– Richard Kingsmill triple j 

“This kid WILL kick some serious goals overseas, just you wait.” – Who the Hell, Australian Music Blog 

“All Too Real is an arresting piece of music, with a taught economical song structure, tight, powerful playing and a sledgehammer mix. This (EP) is all over the blogs like a rash, and no wonder.” – Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

“From Hart’s brazen vocals, to the dazzling guitar riffs and carefully assembled synth lines, this is the work of a genius. As much as I don’t like comparing people to artists of the magnitude of Prince, the similarities are undeniable.” IndieShuffle Blog on ‘The Music’

“He has such a great ear for melody and his production is so unique, which is what I love”.  – Lars Stalfors, The Mars Volta