It’s Thursday night, a ‘school night’ if you will. The prospect of work, study or whatever twenty-somethings do on a Friday morning isn’t enough of a deterrent to detract revellers from attending Cosmo’s Midnight’s near sold out show at The Forum.

Droves of young adults flock to the Melbourne venue. Basketball jerseys, sparkly dresses, knee-high boots and fur coats – an incredible concoction of styles and bodies mingle whilst queuing. No single clique dominates the theatre, a true testament to the reach of Cosmo’s Midnight’s music. It’s for everyone.

Arno Faraji opens up proceedings, the Brisbane rapper rallying up the ever filling room. Fans appear sheepish at first, but by the end of the set Arno has the crowd fully involved. “You’re gonna see a lot of people yelling and having a good time” is what he had to say when we interviewed him earlier this year, boy was he right.

Banoffee was the second support act to take to the stage, donning neon green pants, she aimed to maintain the energy built up. Despite having no band or backing vocals, the Melbourne local managed to hold her own. ‘Ripe’, her collaboration with pop producer Sophie drawing familiar nods from The Forum‘s faithful. As the set approaches it’s end, Banoffee puts down the mic and heads over to her midi controller, the final track taken from ‘Do I Make You Nervous’ builds to a crescendo. Strobes glare from the stage, pulsating in unison with the heavy bass of the track. The performance reaches climax and with one last bang, Banoffee disappears into the wings prompting rapturous applause.

One last intermission until the Sydney twin brothers grace the stage. I nip to the bar for another Jameson and lemonade. They’re going down far too easily – I remind myself that I have work in the morning. Soul and Funk classics play from the speakers, the relatively young crowd still vibing to the songs of yesteryear. Earth, Wind & Fire’s September’ prompts an older gent in the seating area to grab his partner, they begin ballroom dancing much to the amusement of everyone around. ‘Couple goals’ right there if i’ve ever seen them.

A crescent moon fills the screen on stage, the visual adding so much to the already stunning Forum arena. ‘C.U.D.I’ begins to play, Can U Dig It – their eponymous tour name.

Cosmo’s Midnight take to the stage, a sea of mobile phones follow, the frenzied crowd rushing to capture the electro banger on their socials.

Asta joins the duo on stage, the music seamlessly transitioning into ‘Walk With Me’ another crowd favourite. Asta owns the stage, strutting and bopping whilst emitting a radiance that matches the pitch perfect vocals. It’s not just the performers on stage putting a shift in, the theatre technician syncs ethereal lights with the snares on the track, incredible attention to detail has been undertook to create such a spectacle.

There is finally a break in music, Cosmo’s Midnight greet the crowd for the first time, the very brief mention of their ‘Moloko – Like A Version’ cover sends punters into chaos. They continue into the track, the crowd unanimously raising the roof whilst belting out the famed chorus. The boys play a number of instruments on stage: guitars, drum kits a midi controllers. The level of talent on show is unquestionable but I can’t help but feel that elements of the stage presence are sacrificed in doing so.

Cosmo’s Midnight alert the crowd of a new track they’re about to play, an ominous red lighting fills the stage and the music takes a darker approach. I’m definitely feeling Hudson Mohawke influences on this new one, a trap inspired wobbler that the crowd seem to be feeling too. The pace continues and I swear I hear familiar voices, Wikipedia confirms my suspicions, Buddy and Jay Prince both featuring on the latest record played, ‘Low Key’. 

The atmosphere at The Forum is one to admire, never have I seen it so busy, pumping, yet tranquil at the same time.

Get To Know’ evokes the biggest eruption of the night so far, iPhones frequent the arena again, perhaps the new litmus test of how well your song is doing.

“We’re gonna play some older stuff now, if you know these songs we love you!” Being a relatively new fan, I’m unfamiliar with the older stuff, however, I’m a little bit tipsy and also not a party pooper, so I join in with the manic applause. The duo work through older EP material, the crowd somewhat calmer, swaying to the softer sounds being played. Asta joins the boys back on stage, the noise levels somehow manage to topple the previous frequency boom. ‘Talk To Me’ booms from the stage, the venue going absolutely crazy as the trio work their magic, even I can’t help but take my phone out to record the scenes in front of me. More familiar voices chime in over the tracks, Goldlink and Pharrell Williams to name a few.

I knew Cosmo’s Midnight were big, but tonight I’m seeing the real deal for myself.

The musics stops for a brief moment, the boys have a message for the crowd and with the Greco-Roman decor of The Forum it feels like nothing short of soliloquy. “Four years ago we played here, opening for Porter Robinson on his Australia tour,” the boys explain. It’s moving to see how humble they are, and inspiring to see just how far they’ve come.

I take time to reflect on what can be done in four years. What was I doing in 2015? And have I improved or truly chased my dreams like Cosmo’s Midnight have? Before I fall down the rabbit hole, I’m hit with the opening synths of ‘History’ and I’m zapped back into reality as the crowd belt out the banger word for word. A fitting end to an amazing Thursday night in Melbourne.

Cosmo’s Midnight continue their Can U Dig It tour next week in Sydney. Grab tickets here.

Keep up with the boys on Instagram here.

Stream ‘C.U.D.I (Can U Dig It)’ remixes here.