Cable Ties, a member of the outstanding Poison City Records family have just launched their new video for the single ‘Say What You Mean.’ The track is a fast paced, ferocious yet melodic number which plays with dynamics and tone as it goes, allowing it to avoid the pitfalls of a lot of modern punk. There is a raucous, unhinged energy to ‘Say What You Mean’ which works simultaneously with the more careful, patient elements of the track – it’s a delicate balance which is seemingly executed with ease.

The video, created by Defero Productions is a hilarious and harrowing glimpse into the corporate office work life, and shows all of the scenarios that are all to familiar to anyone who has worked in an office – an overall air of misery, people talking mindless shit by the water cooler, a boss who puts their feet up while everyone else does the hard work, and the brainless mundanity of sitting at a desk. Which is why it is fitting that the whole video ends with the office staff smashing the living hell out of their workplace. The monologue that leads the song toward its climax is an utter call to arms, and the type of thing that everyone who works in that environment should remind themselves of from time to time – “I am a human being, I am not a production unit!”

An absolutely fantastic addition to both the Poison City and Cable Ties back catalogues. ‘Say What You Mean’ is also the first number to be released from Cable Ties upcoming self titled debut album.

Cable Ties will be playing a live in store show at Poison City tonight. Check out the details here.