Barcelos – Romantic

Melbourne based indie rock band Barcelos have released their new track ‘Romantic’ and they’re making us swoon over this beat. The five minute track kicks off slow and ominously, before morphing into a smooth, beautiful and rhythmic number. It’s the perfect track to mellow out to on a rainy afternoon.

Raindrop – Only Hope

Immediately upbeat, Raindrop‘s ‘Only Hope’ introduces a fresh take on lo-fi music with its psychedelic groove. To instantly be put in a good mood, ‘Only Hope’ is the ultimate track to get you there. The song’s underlying guitar riffs and subtle layering of instruments make this song catchy right from the get-go. Setting up in 2013, Raindrop describe themselves as medium-fidelity psychedelic RnB, and the Sydney based band’s latest track shows off just that.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP – Nothing ft Rromarin

LUCIANBLOMKAMP is back and his latest work features the awesome vocals of Rromarin. ‘Nothing’ is the perfect track to set the mood for the weekend.  This electronic song is paired with some relaxed yet catchy vocals, and provides the perfect contrast to the track. Its spacey, electronic beat kicks off the song, and weaves in and out, complimenting Rromarin’s beautiful vocals throughout. Seeming almost ethereal at some points, the song shows a new side to LUCIANBLOMKAMP and sets the expectations high for his forthcoming album.

Lakyn – West

Lakyn‘s ‘West’ compacts the awesome sounds of this singer-songwriter in its 3 minutes and 54 seconds. It’s rhythmic beat loops continuously throughout the track, with Lakyn‘s catchy vocals sounding stunning for the entirety of the track. Although slightly more upbeat than his previous work, this track is still immediately recognisable with his distinct musical style and is the perfect number to blast while road tripping the Aussie landscape. Starting his career on The Voice Australia, Lakyn has come a long way since his EP, Better Than That, from 2012. Just this month, Lakyn has been touring with Vera Blue on her national tour.

Hatchie – Try

Hatchie’s debut single ‘Try’ creates an air of bliss. It’s whimsical energy seems both relaxed and joyful, and it is immediately memorable. Her high vocals and melodic beats make her debut track both catchy and reminiscent of summer. From Brisbane, Hatchie’s dreamy energy is seen throughout the track and she has set the bar rather high for herself.

WHARVES – Love Decide

Punchy from the start, WHARVES’ ‘Love Decide’ kicks off with a fast-paced tempo that will have you instantly nodding your head. The track’s brisk rhythm is immediately reflective of the band’s psychedelic rock style. The intricate guitar details, paired with killer drums and captivating vocals make ‘Love Decide’ the perfect track to groove to. Right off the release of ‘Love Decide,’ WHARVES will be playing Big Sound Festival and a ten-date east coast tour. Matthew Collins, the band’s front man, says ‘Love Decide’ is “about accepting that some things are bigger and more powerful than you and that you aren’t always in control. It’s a reminder to myself that it’s ok to be on my own and if a relationship isn’t working, I can let go and I will be happier and free.”

Hiraku Machin – Vampires & Bubblegum

Hiraku Machin‘s ‘Vampires & Bubblegum’ plays with juxtapositions to create a whole new sound. Kicking off with a piano solo, the song progresses into a poetic rap track. The chorus embodies a soulful energy, and the track’s pace ebbs and flows throughout. This 18 year old comes fresh from Hobart, and has created an alternative sound to make his mark on Australia’s rap scene. As Hiraku Machin’s debut single, it promises big things from the young artist.