After spending much of 2018 working away on new material and preparing a brand new live show that is ready to kick ass, Melbourne’s Drunk Mums are back, baby. The rockers recently announce their new album, ‘URBAN COWBOY’: 10 tracks of straight-up rock goodness, best served raw.

The idea of an ‘Urban Cowboy’ came from looking at a press photo of Justin Timberlake and tricking the guys into thinking that he’s done a country album. We filmed out the back of our mate Pablo’s house on a cold and windy day. Couldn’t be more proud of the clip; you can tell the weather didn’t stop us at all!” Drunk Mums

Here’s a look in what went on behind the record.

1. How does the album making process begin for you?

In the past, we have brought songs to the table at practice and worked them out through rehearsal and performing the tracks live for about a year. This time we brought finished songs to practice, wrote and recorded them in 2 months.

2. Do you write the music or the lyrics first?

It changes with each song. My track Phantom Limb was mostly written in my head whereas another track on the album Ripper was done musically first and lyrically at the last moment.

3. What time of day do you prefer to write music? When are you most creative?

It’s not a question of day or night for me. I’m most creative when I have stimulated my brain in one way or another. Coming home from a tour is a really good time for me to write.

4. What challenges did you face while making the album?

Locking down lyrics with everyone was hard. We have three writers in the band and it took a while for everyone to agree on lyrics especially because we didn’t spend as much time on them live.

5. Who was the first person you played the album too in its entirety?

We had a party at my house with a couple bands. I asked some close friends to listen to the album in full. I was drunk enough to not be embarrassed and we ended up playing it through a couple of times.

6. Describe the album in three words.


As a whole, Urban Cowboy is an album made for house parties and large venues alike. The music proves Drunk Mums defy the expectations of a punk-rockin’ partying band; they can still throw down and play sweaty with the best of them, but as a band, they’re presenting a slicker edge in exploring and further developing their sound.


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