Formed in 2012, the band arose from a Collingwood swamp like a three-headed version of The Toxic Avenger…and now they are set to release eleven tracks of their powerful alien sludge pop upon the world.

 Having recently supported punk heavyweights OFF! and The Bronx, BATPISS will be unleashing their beast of a debut album with a HUGE launch at The Tote in Melbourne on Saturday, May 18, with special guests Peep Tempel, Brat Farrar, The Spinning Rooms, Dr Invisiablo, Dead, Bad Aches, Sheriff and a mysterious Melbourne trio who are calling themselves Boony Goes Bananas for the night (guess who?!).

“Nuclear Winter” has the unmistakable stench of sticky carpet and a thousand misspent nights running through its veins. The album was recorded live, upstairs at the infamous Tote Hotel, over the two days a week that the pub is shut, by Tom Lyngcoln (The Nation Blue, Harmony) and mastered by Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control, Ooga Boogas).

The attitude and mood of “Nuclear Winter” is shoved down your throat from the outset with opening track, “Seed”. It’s an apocryphal tale of dispossession and stitches together all that is good about American hardcore and Australian pub trash.

 “Drag Your Body”, with its single riff of pure sludge, is the song that Ivan Milat would stick on his desert island mix tape. Watch the clip here.

 “Come Here And Fuck Off” is one minute and forty seconds of BATPISS’ take on punk rock and the sound of running back into the strangling arms of a person you can’t leave while Burn Below is the greatest song that Mclusky never wrote.

 “Hollywood” and “Human” owes more to the current local Melbourne scene than anywhere else. These songs could feature on any number of Wicked City, TTTDC, Bone or Bits of Shit records.

 The first half of “Pigsblood” is all eerie desolation with an emptiness that is only emphasised by the brutality of the guitars when they finally kick in, segueing brutally into live favourite, Loose Screws.

 “Couldn’t Get Out” is one bleeding minute of anxiety-ridden, claustrophobic punk and a preamble to Portal, which is Joy Division if Ian Curtis had have spent his time drinking at The Old Bar instead of seizuring on stage in Manchester.

 Album closer, “Drone”, is a lifetime of mind-numbing obscure labour in a job that you hate.


Nuclear Winter is the soundtrack to the post-apocalyptic after party.


Saturday 18 May
The Tote, Melbourne
With special guests The Peep Tempel, Brat Farrar, The Spinning Rooms, 
Bad Aches, Dr Invisiablo, Sheriff, Dead, Boony Goes Bananas

Doors 7:00pm. Tickets $15 +bf 





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