Melbourne-based electronic label Analogue Attic Recordings are delivering a day of multi-sensory performances to celebrate the launch of their tenth record release and third year as a collective.

The event will be spearheaded by the upcoming release of udmo’s Luba Laft collection. udmo will perform alongside label-mates TUCNico NiquoSoda Lite and Albrecht La’Brooy on the day, with visual accompaniment by Dylan Batelic. Sticking to the label’s distinctive aesthetic, the three track release Luba Loft which hits stores in July is a collection of instrumental compositions which focus on audial themes of industry and space to deliver an emotive, almost scenic ambient experience.

You can catch the event this Saturday afternoon at North Melbourne’s Meat Market performance space, kicking of at 2pm. The event has sold out, but there will be tickets on the door.

Check out the Facebook event here.