Sultry meets soul meets R&B meets dance. With those Sampha-like vocals and alluring melodies, Sydney trio Movement have established a sound that is fresh yet menacing.

With their new track ‘Lace,’ Movement have worked in a limbered groove that will consume you for the next 4.43 minutes. Occupying a space where R&B and soul unites with dance music, Movement have elements of percussion laced with electronic sampling.

Last year saw the release of their self-titled EP, which received widespread acclaim. Having toured with the likes of Solange, Banks and Darkside, and played at festivals like the Pitchfork Music Festival Paris and Primavera Sound, gives an insight as to just how versatile Movement’s sound is.

‘Lace’ is a taster of the good things to come from Movement’s forthcoming album which is due to be released next year.